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Catering Company

OK, so a little background: a few years ago I was applying for some internal promotions and while I was doing that I was also volunteering for as many extra duties / committees I could (to show loyalty and devotion to the company, among other reasons.)

One of the committees I was on was Holiday Planning. We planned and executed the company's holiday party. One of the points of interest was the catering company.

That particular year, we were "encouraged" to use the company that runs the in-office cafeteria, hereafter referred to as CC. However, another company was voted to receive the contract, and accepted.

Even though our company owns the cafeteria, and the equipment in it, the employees of CC would not allow the catering company access to the equipment. They had to bring in portable stoves and other equipment to provide a hot meal for the party.

After the party, the left over food was gathered. What was donate-able was taken to local shelters, what wasn't was shared by the members of the committee.

The next year, CC won the contract. There was "no leftover food." So, we were unable to continue the practice of donating food.

The two years after that, other companies won the contract. Again, all leftover food was evaluated, and what hadn't been used was donated to local shelters and Churches.

This year, CC won the contract again. This time, they issued drink tickets that limited us to three drinks per person (all other years it was an open bar), and they started cleaning up over half an hour early whereas every other year food has been served right up to the scheduled end of the party and sometimes after.

When the committee head went to find out why everything was being packed up early, he was told that the temps hired for the event had only been scheduled to the scheduled end of the party and had to be finished and gone by that hour. He also overheard some of the temps splitting up trays of food and cases of beer.

After the party, he went to see what could be donated, and again there was no food left. The CC manager in charge of the event claimed that it had all been used for the party.

The committee head is hoping that this event will get CC blacklisted from catering our party in the future. The former CEO was very fond of supporting the local charities (our international company was started as a local, so he was giving to his roots), and our current CEO is very fond of the positive press that such donations give us. I doubt that either will be happy to learn that temp workers for the contracted company stole thousands of dollars of food that would have both helped the local homeless and been a big media event.

I'm not naming CC because they are a national catering company, and it could be just the local branch that is stealing like this.

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