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This is the story of my ongoing experience with Sprint. The issue has yet to be resolved.
This bad service is rated OMG for shoddy billing services, repetitive and useless employees, and overall suckery.

November 15: I am so excited! NEW PHONE! (Foreboding line of the day: "This will either turn out fantastically, or horribly.")

November 21st: Phone stops working. :(

November 23rd: I go to the Sprint store I'm most familiar with to get someone to look at it. Turns out they don't actually have a tech on site and the guy at the counter sends me across the parking lot to an independent technician who works with Sprint saying that I just need a software upgrade (on a phone that was just released two weeks previous....). The technician takes one look at the phone as tells me to call customer care because they need to send me a new phone. "No biggie."

November 24th: I call Sprint's Customer Care line and talk FOR OVER AN HOUR with one service guy, one mid-level tech, and finally one advanced tech who understood that my phone is beyond repair and needs to be serviced by a real tech. The only reason the call lasted so long is because instead of just emailing me to stupid return phone like I had asked, the first service guy said "Oh No Problem, I can fix that!". As it turns out, neither he nor the two techs I got passed to could. Actually, the phone call only ended because the insurance department hung up on me for calling four minutes before they opened. I had been transfered to the by the last tech because she thought that me having insurance could mean that instead of a new phone, I would get a refurbished one.

Later that night: I go to the Other Sprint Store on the other side of town. The tech asks to have an hour to look at my phone due to wait times and whatnot. When I return, the sales associate informs me that my phone is indeed broken (really?!?) and that in order to have a replacement I need to contact Telesales because I bought the phone off of the Sprint website. The big problem: Telesales is only open M-F regular business hours and it's a Saturday night. Two more days without a phone.

November 26th: I call Telesales. Due to the fact that I don't have $279.99 to pay for the original cost of the phone (which will be credited back when they get the busted phone), I need to charge my Sprint account. Because I am charging my Sprint account for the cost of the phone, it has to be sent to the billing address which just so happens to be three hours from where I am at school. (My mom is on my plan and so I have the paper bill sent to her and just use the website when I need to see the bill.) So in order to get my new phone, my mom has to pay for it to be sent across the state. I ask about having the pre-paid return packaging sent to my address at college and the operator says its fine, but the "bubble package" is currently on backorder as my new phone in the color I want. I say fine. Order me the phone that's on backorder because I can't deal with a white phone and send the bubble package asap. The Telesales lady was very apologetic and put a $50 credit on my account for the frustration.

After getting off the phone with Telesales, I call the complaint department because here I am playing for this time to be using my phone when I don't have it! The woman was very understanding and gave me an additional $100 credit and refunded some charges on my account. The charge was $75 worth of data downloading from when I uploaded the pictures from my old phone. I thought I had purchased a package to prevent that but the complaints dpt woman said that they're very similar and confusing. The woman also signed me up for the package I wanted ($5 a month for unlimited uploading, downloading, instant messaging, internet, phone mail, and also a $5 monthly credit to spend on ring tones and such). We end our call on a good note and I am satisfied. I look on Sprint's website and see that I have a negative balance of about $200.

December 3rd: I don't remember the exact date because I stopped blabbering about the situation in my lj, but I do know that I did not have it on the 1st and UPS doesn't deliver on Sundays. In any case, the phone finally gets to me after two weeks or so of being without a phone. I. AM. ESTATIC. The bubble package still has yet to arrive.

Time passes.

Middle of December: My bill jumps up by about $300 and I call customer care just to ensure that I am still in good standing and the jump in my bill was only because of the cost of my new phone. I ask for another bubble package to be sent to the same address as I haven't received the first one. Operator says there's one on the way, should be there the next day. Cool.

A Few Days Later: No bubble package. I call again. Another package is sent. Should take two or three days to get there.

December 23rd: Bill jumps up about $200 dollars. My total amount due is about $425 and change. I don't have a chance to call customer care until the next day.

December 24th: I call customer care. The woman is very rude and patronizing. She tells me that when I originally purchased the phone, the $53.99 that I paid was actually credited to my account, as was the cost of the phone. This is confusing because when I ordered the phone I was given the options "Pay for the phone now" or "Charge it to your account". The woman snaps at me for questioning her.

She then tells me that the balance is so high because I haven't paid my bill in two months. I tell her about the credits I received from the complaints department woman and she tells me that those credits were only temporary. We go back and forth for about an hour when I finally just say "Thank you. Goodbye" and hang up.

December 25th: I go home for Christmas and am telling my mom of the story with our phone bill. When I mention the bubble packages she shows me the two that she's received in the past month. Not knowing what they were, she didn't think to send them along with my phone. No biggle, at least I have the package now right?

December 28th: I am back from being home and I am waiting for the UPS guy to pick up my phone. He does and I immediately call customer care to see what will happen on their end when they receive the phone. The first girl I walked to put me on hold so she could review my account. Five minutes later, the phone system hung up on me. Called customer care back, talk with the fellow who answers and get the same runaround about the credits, and a couple of charges. Eventually just ask him how long I have before my phone will get shut off. He puts me on hold to look up the date and I get hung up on. I call AGAIN to find out the date and to ask how soon the phone will be credited (and ask not to be put on hold, thank you). I get told that the phone will be credited back as soon as the warehouse gets it and that I have until January 3rd before my phone(s) will be shut off.

I spend the next three days rabidly checking the UPS website tracking thing. I even set up an account with them so that they will email me as soon as my phone is delivered.

Cut to today: My phone was delivered at 1:30pmish. I call customer care when I get home from work and talk for an hour to Edgar. Edgar tells me that the credit has not been applied yet and that it could take from 3-5 business days for the credit to be applied. But, I don't have 3-5 business days, I say. You should make a payment, he says. I try to explain that this is bills week and so I only have two dollars in my pocket since I didn't budget to pay Sprint and he essentially tells me I'm S.O.L. I ask him to make a note on my account with the tracking number, the fact that I called, the fact that I'm pissed, and he threw in that my phone should not be turned off. I say thank you, and hang up.

I then start this entry. Over an hour later, I'm done.
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