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AOL is just horrible

Hello members of bad_service. This is my first time posting to this community, and I have joined because like all of you, I too have had bad run-ins with customer service.

The saga begins back in April. I was giddy because I could finally afford Roadrunner cable. Time Warner had the $34.95 a month for twelve months deal. For someone like me who lives paycheck to paycheck, this is awesome. I'm on the internet often enough that having cable means I'm not tying up the phone line (nor are the male members of the household). Pretty sweet deal, eh?

Well, I had signed up for one of those free dial-up trials through AOL. That was my first mistake. My second mistake was apparently not asking for a supervisor back in April to ensure that my account was canceled.

Fast forward to about half an hour ago. My husband just got done running a game of D&D, and we were all hanging out and winding down. Some of us were lucky enough to have the 5th of July off. Well, I needed to check my bank account to see how much money I had left because I need to get some kitty litter. My jaw dropped in absolute horror at seeing a charge for AOL show up.

I gave AOL a call after accessing the website. I thought I had stomped this problem dead back at the end of April. I got transferred to the cancelation department. I could barely understand the representative, but I'll give her credit. She was nice up until she kept repeating that to solve the inconvenience I was going to get a month of free AOL. I asked for her supervisor, and she tells me that they were all in a meeting. Okay, I work at a call center. I am in a supervisor-type position. In my department, if the big-wigs are in a meeting, we try to keep it short and have someone out on the floor just in case stuff starts hitting the fan--like customers asking for a supervisor. The rep started getting a little pissy, and after I was about to start screaming at her she finally acquiesced to get my account canceled.

I don't need AOL. I'm not paying Time Warner $34.95 a month for cable internet AND AOL another $24.95 a month. Kind of pointless to me, yanno? I had my wisdom teeth pulled last month, so I had to tell various people I pay for services that I wasn't going to be able to do it (because I lost $420 for the extractions). NOW, I'm going to have payments bouncing left and right.

I'm still going to call in and find out why she wasn't able to do that in the first place, or at least be a little more convincing in telling me why there was a delay in getting my account canceled. I'm still fuming.

[I also don't get paid a whole lot, in case anyone was wondering. $700 every two weeks is kind of not a lot when you're married, and the spouse is unemployed.]
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