kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,

slight Denny's suckage.

the other night me and my mom went to Denny's. there were maybe about 8 or 9 tables of people, so they were at a steady pace but not busy. we didn't have any wait for a table. we sit down and wait 15 minutes before a waitress even comes to order our drinks. we place our drink orders & also order some mozarella sticks as an appetizer. we wait another 15 minutes for the sticks and our drinks. when my sticks came, half of them were cold, and the paper ticket order was stuck ontop of the sauce, taking at least half of it from the tiny cup when I removed the paper. we place our orders & wait. we can hear the customers behind us and around us complaining about their wait as well. all of us ended up waiting over 30 minutes for our food. when the waitress came out every once in a while, we'd politely ask her where our food was or what was taking so long..

mom: excuse me.. I'd just like to know what's taking so long on our food?

waitress: *sucks teeth* the cook back there, umm, he's trippin', and not wanting to make food right. your daughter's order is up but yours isn't so I'm waiting to bring them out

mom: ok, I know it's not your fault, but I would like to speak to a manager when we leave

waitress: *sucks teeth* well umm don't be mad at me 'cuz it ain't my fault, its the cook.

she then walks off right in the middle of my mother talking. how hard is it to say a simple "I apologize for the wait and I'll get the manager for you". that seriously would have sufficed, as we were being very patient & weren't in a hurry to be anywhere, which is why we waited so long on the food. it was also the only place open and we were hungry. I could have understood the long wait if they were busy but they were not. when our food finally arrived, my pancakes were ice cold throughout certain spots of them. my mother ordered chilli cheese fries with no peppers. they were made with the wrong meat and had peppers on them. we had to wait an additional 5 or so minutes just to get some silverware to eat with. waiting is not a problem with me, as long as the waitress isn't so damn rude and just expresses an apology.. the simple things like that really go a long way with me. my mother asked to speak with a manager but either the manager was a dick too, or the waitress never told him we wanted to speak with him - because he never came to our table. I doubt we will be returning there any time soon.
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