nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

Please do not answer your phone and take a personal call as you are examining me for the lump I found in my breast.  Not only was it unprofessional but, considering the situation and my state of mind, it was downright freaking rude.  You didn't reassure me one ounce - especially with your "I don't think its malignant but it could be" routine and your "Well, you can call imaging but I doubt you'll be able to get in to see them for about a month".  (Thankfully, the receptionist at the imaging center understood the urgency of the situation and scheduled me immediately.)

Thanks for nothing fucknut.   (I'm beside myself right now and the more I think about this doctor and his actions, the more I can feel the anger mounting again.  I am so pissed its not funny.  I have to figure out who to write to/call to complain.)
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