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I ordered a laptop from an online retailer which rhymes with Hell. Which is kinda apt.

They phone me back to say, "Sorry, such and such a device is incompatible with XP. Would you like to go with Vista or downgrade the device?" So far so good. Please do the downgrade, because I'm not touching Vista with a barge pole for at least 6 months yet. Thanks for calling to let me know.

So I get the contract through from their finance department, only to find that not only had they changed the device, they had changed the terms so that instead of 30% interest over 3 years, I'd be paying 95% minimum. Not. Going. To. Happen. I emailed the person in question back to say "These aren't the terms I selected. Please change them back."

She managed to change them to even longer terms with yet more interest.

Sorry, madam, I don't actually care if I win your awkward customer of the year award. That is sharp practice. Please cancel the finance agreement and the order. I will place it again with the correct terms.

So instead of cancelling the finance agreement, I get a pretty threatening e-mail from her boss telling me I need to sign and return the contract. NOW.

Sugar, my job is a role which requires quite a lot of finance work, and that wil not wash. Especially since you are trying to force me to agree to terms I wasn't happy with in the first place. So I phoned him.

And yes, I kinda see where he's coming from about not applying for a second agreement and cancelling the first from a credit rating PoV, but do not tell me the terms you keep trying to put me on mean I will pay less. That is what is called a lie. Lieing will cause me to report you to trading standards. Oh? What's that? You've miraculously found the original terms I selected? Colour me surprised and put me through to your manager right now so that I can make a nice formal complaint.
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