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Update to this post.

So I noticed on my bill the tiny print that says yes, the taxes are just for the 5 months. The thing is, my account still says it's delinquent when this is the very first bill I've received with the prorated amount. Knowing that it's just the five months I have no problem at all paying the tax amount, it's the $30 collection fee I'm having an issue with. The tax department was open today, and after being very frustrated with them not understanding my problem ("Your taxes have been prorated," "I know they have, that's okay, it's this collection fee when this is the first bill I've..." "You still have to pay the taxes on the five months," "I know, it's the collection fee I have a problem with.") I was finally told that all I can do is send a letter to the review board to see if they'll refund me.

Who wants to take the bet I'll ever see that $30 again?

Also, yes, I did print out a copy of my on-line receipt after paying through their website. Just in case.

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