Shibs Vicious (electriccandle) wrote in bad_service,
Shibs Vicious

My boyfriend and I signed up for a family plan with T-mobile through Walmart's wireless center in mid-October. We're there for about three hours, when the manager says he can't process the contract because he doesn't know what he's doing and we'll have to come back tomorrow to finish it up. We're promised ten percent off of our contract.

We come back in the next day. The girl working in the kiosk processes the contract in about five minutes and tells us we can't have a discount on our service plan. Whatever. Everything's fine, until about a week later, when my boyfriend's phone stops working.

We go to a T-mobile store and are told there's nothing they can do since we purchased the phone through Walmart; so we go to Walmart, who refuses to exchange it since he no longer has the box.

We call customer care, who tells us we can send the phone in and they'll get it back to us in six weeks. After some arguing back and forth, we decide to go back to Walmart and try our luck with the night manager, who does take the phone back.

All's well, right?

Then my phone stops taking a charge. I call customer care, who tells us she can send us a new battery and charger since the phone's under warranty. She recommends that we try taking it back to Walmart first, since I need the phone for work. Walmart again refuses to do anything with it, and there's no amount of begging on this earth to get the manager to change her mind. I call Customer Service again and am told they'll find me a loaner phone and send out a new battery and charger. I'm disconnected before she gets a chance to process anything, so I have to call back for the third time.

I was on the phone for an hour and a half with this service rep, who tells me that because I purchased the phone at Walmart, I have no T-mobile warranty, they can't send any parts out, I'm not eligible for the loaner phone program, and my only options are to buy myself a battery from their site or send my phone into the manufacturer and wait six weeks. After a whole lot of wtfing, he finally tells me he was looking up the wrong phone number for the last hour 1.25 hours and that I actually am eligible for a free battery replacement. I ask to speak to his supervisor, who then tells me that yes, I can get a loaner phone and yes, he's terribly sorry his CSR is ridiculously incompetent, and no, there's nothing he can do to compensate me for the terrible service I've received since signing up with his damn company. Ugh, whatever. I get the loaner phone and receive my new battery a week later.

Only, it's the wrong fucking battery. I call T-mobile AGAIN. They tell me they'll expedite a new battery and I should receive in two days and OMG THEY ARE SO SORRY.

Two days pass, and no battery arrives. I call back, and it turns out it's been returned to their warehouse. They tell me that they'll send out another one immediately. I ask if they can extend my loaner phone contract without me having to go to the store, since it's their fault and the store I borrowed the phone from is an hour away. They say no problem and call the store for me. They make notes on my account and tell me to call the store on Sunday to process it.

I called yesterday, and no one answered the phone. I called again today, tried to explain my situation to the manager, who wouldn't let me finish a single sentence, told me no way in hell is he doing it over the phone, refuses to pull up my account and look at the notes, starts yelling at me, and then hangs up on me, even though I wasn't rude at any point during the conversation. My boyfriend calls him back and is again hung up on.

My boyfriend calls customer service, who calls the store, then tells my boyfriend, oops! We fucked up, and yes you are going to have to drive an hour to Pawtucket the day after Christmas if you don't want to get charged 100 dollars for the shittiest phone you've ever had to use.

I have never been so dissatisfied with a service in my life. I'm still waiting for my THIRD battery. I'm thinking of just canceling the contract and having done with it.
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