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Fairfax County, Virginia Department of Tax Administration... you're on my LIST.

I feel the need to rant because I can't actually fix this until after Christmas.

February 2006 I bought my first car (in my name, at least). I was attending college in Utah. At the very end of April I graduated (yay!) and moved back home to Virginia, packing everything into said car and driving back. (It saved a ton of money.) After a week or three of getting settled in I took my car to the DMV and got it registered in Virginia. Paid my fees and taxes, got my stickers and plates, and everything was hunky dory.

April 2007 I decided it was high time I moved out. Almost all my friends still lived in Utah or in California, so back to Utah I moved. Again, after a week or three of getting settled in I go off to the DMV to set my registration back to Utah, pay my taxes, get my plates, the whole deal. Again, everything was hunky dory, or so I thought.

August 2007 I received a letter from the Fairfax County, Virginia Department of Tax Administration. "Hey, you owe us money. Please pay." Um, no. I got my registration changed well before I owed more Virginia taxes. I got on the VA tax website and found a place that says, "If you have moved your vehicle out of state, please enter your new address here." I changed it, put in the date I moved, and hit send. I used their tax estimator thing to double-check. It said I might owe money anyway, so I sent off an e-mail inquiring about it. I didn't hear back from them and quite frankly the whole thing slipped my mind.

November 2007 my mom back in Virginia received a letter saying I owed car taxes. She called them up and told them I had moved. They said to change the address on-line and then have me send a letter with a copy of my Utah registration. Mom went ahead and did the address change, and I made a copy of my registration and sent it to the address they provided along with a note saying something along the lines of, "I moved the car in question from Virginia to Utah in May of 2007. Please update your records. Here is a copy of the Utah registration." (I left Virginia on April 29th, arrived in Utah on May 1st.)

Saturday, December 22, 2007 I received yet another letter from the VA tax administration office. Interestingly enough, it hadn't been forwarded. The letter was sent directly to my Utah address. It says that my account is now delinquent and I need to pay immediately. Except that despite what the bill says, I still shouldn't owe them anything! And what really has me chomping at the bit is that the office is closed "In observance of the holiday." That means I can't do anything about it until at least the 26th, maybe later. Who knows what days they'll be open between Christmas and New Year? Certainly not the phone message, and of course not the website.

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