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Medical bad service

I had been debating for a while weither to post this or just shrug it off and move on with a new doctor but it's STILL annoying me so...might as well rant!

So for the past three months and a few odd weeks (yes I delay things), I had been suffering daily nausea with sporatic (perhaps once a week, maybe less) vomiting. Since I see my doctor bi-monthly for med checks (we're testing a handful of new meds), I mentioned this to him in my first appointment, about two weeks after this had happened. He put me on an anti-nausea and called it good.

I went back with the same problems..rise and repeat for those three months and odd weeks.

Recently (I'm estimating a week or so, there's a bit going on so I'm not exactly sure), I've been having fine, stabbing pains in my abdomen. At first these were cause of great concern as they started generally behind my navel, gravitating to my lower right abdomen, which is a sign of an appendicitis when mixed with the nausea and vomiting.

This was never checked out however, as I have no transportation and my mother has an avoidance of taking me to the ER (I wasn't going to call an ambulance for no reason).

I was supposed to see my doctor in November, but had to cancel the appointment as my mother was having cancer surgery the next day and I couldn't go to the appointment and still be able to take her to the hospital early in the morning (I have an odd sleep schedule). My mother had an appointment with the same doctor before me (I had re-scheduled for this month, while hers was late November).

During that appointment, the doctor commented that he didn't believe I was telling the truth about my symptoms, as 'anyone who vomits daily, would not be as large as she is".

Now, I will admit, I might have worded my symptoms wrong, lumping nausea and vomiting together daily instead of explaining clearly it was the nausea that occur ed daily, with the actual vomiting being sporatic.

That said, I don't rightly feel comfortable going to a doctor who not only doesn't believe what I'm saying, but doesn't say that to my face (I'd really rather be called a liar person to person, so I could work out why I'm being accused of being a liar, instead of getting a round about reason). This was really the last straw though, as I was starting to feel uncomfortable seeing him when he thinks daily nausea for three months is just fine and dandy (weither or not he believed me, he could have at least attempted to do something besides tossing pills at me).

So now I'm stuck searching for a new doctor, one that A. is taking patients, and B. I didn't see sometime in the thirteen years I was suffering gallstones and no one noticed (this is an annoying trend, to complain about something and have nothing done about it).

And the pain is getting worse.


Note: For those curious, my doctor has always had free reign to discuss things with my mother, in fact, all of my doctors do. My mother usually attends every appointment with me, except my gyno exams when I have a pap smear. I'm not upset about WHO he said it to, but the fact he didn't say it to ME.
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