Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote in bad_service,

I am not happy with Michael's. The past two times I'd been there, the cashier had left stuff out of my bag and/or charged me multiple times for an item of which I had only gotten one. This time, I picked out four pieces of posterboard, which were marked at $.49 apiece. I got to the register and they rang up at $1.99 apiece. The cashier and I walked over, and she said this was the fourth time this had happened today. NONE of that posterboard was marked $1.99. It was all $.49, $.99, or $3.99. I mean, I understand that mistakes get made, but none of it was marked that price, so obviously it wasn't just in the wrong place. After the second time it happened, you'd think someone would fix it. I told her, politely, that the sign should be switched if it had happened multiple times, and pointed out that none of the signs had that particular price. I picked out a different paper at the correct price.

And then when she rang me up, she had no singles in her register. I'm a cashier. You replace your change BEFORE it runs out. And it wasn't like she needed someone to get change for her (like I do at my job)- she had keys and got it herself. It's not horrid service, but it all could be avoided by someone just paying closer attention. (I know today was a busy day, but there were no more people than average in the store.)

Separate annoyance: Why does AC Moore not carry crochet hooks bigger than 6mm??? I couldn't find one at Michael's, either, but I know they carry them, as I've gotten N and P hooks there. But AC Moore didn't even have a space where they'd go. I apparently left my N on the Metro yesterday and needed to replace it so I could continue working on a Christmas present, and I had to go to three stores before I found one.
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