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You Pep Boys are annoying

I admit it- I know virtually nothing about cars. I rely on AAA and what my mechanically inclined grandfather tell me.

So, at the beginning of last month, I got a flat tire. I called AAA to come and put the spare on for me. The mechanic told me- "Do NOT drive on the highway with this. Get to a tire place ASAP." I have a mechanic I trust, but they're closed on Saturdays. So off I went to Pep Boys.

I wasn't happy at having to pay $90 for a tire instead of $13 for a fix- the AAA mechanic told me they'd likely be able to fix it. But I sucked it up, made them show me what the problem was, and got a new tire.

Shortly after I started driving on my new tire, I heard a thumping noise from the front passenger end. Okay...even I knew that wasn't right. My grandfather told me it was likely misaligned when they put on the new tire and to go back to Pep Boys. Sigh.

"No, it isn't misaligned. There's just a piece of plastic- a piece of your car- in the way of your tire."

......and you didn't notice this when you PUT THE TIRE ON? Really?

Fast forward to a month later. The right passenger tire is flat. Again. Which means I have to go yet again to Pep Boys because that tire is still under warranty. At least, it better be.

"You see that cut in the tire? Something cut that. That isn't a flaw in the tire." "I. want. a. new. tire. It's still under warranty. " "You didn't have the Roadside Hazard Warranty..." "I wasn't told about the Roadside Hazard Warranty." "I can give it to you now." "I don't want it. I want a new tire."
"Well, since it's less than 90 days old, it IS still under warranty, and I AM going to give you a new tire. But for the next time...."

Sigh. I don't know if I ran over something on the road, or if it was their shoddy installation of the tire. But I don't want ANY warranty (which doesn't give you a free replacement, just some discount), if it means I have to deal with that station manager again. And I wonder how many other less savvy customers got suckered into paying for a new tire- especially when I heard the customer next to me arguing with the manager about the very same thing.
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