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Really, I love McDonalds (esp. their NUGGETS!)... but really! *Eye roll*

When McDonalds was giving out Neopets toys I bought a Kids Meal as often as I could. I discovered a McDonalds within walking distance of my job. I went there and ordered a Kids Meal. And I wanted the Apple Dippers instead of Fries. The girl glares at me and said they don't substitue that. I said they do and I'd done it before (it's a newer promotion). She refused again and I plucked the nice sign infront of her register (all the registers had them) and held it up pointing. She SNATCHED it from me and marched to her co worker and started wailing about it! WTF? Just gimmie some apple dippers!! So coworker 1 didn't know, no one knew! (Who put up the signs then?) Finally a manager said go ahead and do it. And the girl and the one at the next register kept going on about GOD I didn't know. NOW I know, THANK GOD! WTF? Ew!! No god has anything to do with your incompetance, honey. Gimmie my apple dippers, your fries clog my arteries, DAMMIT!

Second story happened today. Asked my Mom (who drove me home from work) to take me to McDonalds, I wanted nuggets. There's maybe 2 cars in the customer lot, so we go drive thru. We sit there and she decides what she wants. Then asks me. We chat. Realize no one has taken our order. So she poked her out the open window and said "Hello, hello??" A half minute passed and a young man's voice said he'd be with us in a minute. So we're chatting some more and it's been 4 or 5 minutes, not including the initial few! WTF?? Then the guy behind us honks the horn and flips us off, zooms across the lot and leaves. Guess he thought we were making a complicated order or SOMEthing. We decide to pull up and tell them their service sucks. The service window is shut and we didn't feel like hollering or knocking on it. So we left slowly, peering in the McDonalds, nothing out of the ordinary. WHY weren't we served!?? Assholes! I want my nuggets dammit!! I made a complaint on the phone about that. Hmmph.

Normally McDonalds isn't that bad. I realize you get alot of surly highschoolers, but a 10-piece nugget meal with Dr. Pepper ain't hard even for those dummmies.
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