Euthanize (euthanize) wrote in bad_service,

Kohls online

For Christmas, my mother ordered my sister a 5-in-1 countertop grill from the Kohls website, along with some cookie sheets.

On the 10th, the cookie sheets arrived, but not the grill. There was no invoice in the box. Figuring they'd shipped them separately, Mom waited a few more days, but the grill never showed. So she got online to check the status, and the website claimed that the grill and the cookie sheets were shipped in the same box, which weighed 28 lbs, and was delivered on..the 10th. Needless to say, Mom is puzzled by this because the box that the cookie sheets came in was obviously not big enough to also contain a grill, and certainly did not weigh 28 lbs (Mom has very bad health problems and cannot even lift a 28 lb box).

Mom was sick with a bad cold, so she couldn't call, but she e-mailed the customer service department about it, and never received a response. She tried e-mailing two more times before giving up, as she never get any reply that way.

She called them on the 17th and talked with a seemingly helpful CSR, who said oops, their bad, they'd re-ship the grill and would make sure it went out the 18th, the very next day, with upgraded 2 day shipping so that it would get here in time for christmas.

As of today, no grill. Mom took the order number and checked the status online, hasn't even shipped yet.

Needless to say, she is not pleased. She told my sister that her main christmas present would not be here for christmas, but hopefully it will get here soon after. I'm starting to think that my sister is just destined to never have that grill.

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