Teri Smith (kitchenqueen) wrote in bad_service,
Teri Smith

State of Maryland

I want to sign my nearly 2-year old up for a "Mommy and me" tumbling class, but I need a birth certificate to prove that he's within the age range. So, I toodle off to the state of Maryland website and read up on how to obtain one.

As I don't have time to go to Baltimore and get one in person, I found the section that tells me how to get one by mail. I write the letter with the necessary information, answered in the order that they gave the questions, and sent it off, along with my check for $12.

I got a letter back yesterday telling me that in order to get said birth certificate, I would need to send a copy of my driver's license. OK, I have no problems with that. I wondered why they didn't require something like that in the first place.

Here's where the bad service comes in - The letter started out that this has been a requirement "Since January 2006." Would it kill you to update the website with that information? It's only been 2 YEARS!

This is not the first time that I've had troubles getting a birth certificate for a child. My first attempt at obtaining my older son's was returned because they decided to DOUBLE THE FEE in between me getting the application and when I sent back the application. Mind you, it wasn't long - I got the application from the hospital and sent it off a week later.

Minor suckage, but it was still annoying. Since it takes at least 4 weeks for processing, we won't be able to sign up for the class. And yes, I know that lack of planning on my part doesn't make it an emergency on theirs, but I applied for said birth certificate WEEKS ago.
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