lynnjessica (lynnjessica) wrote in bad_service,

Now I understand why CompUSA is going out of business

I am pretty leery of ordering things online (have heard too many horror stories!) and generally just stick to Amazon because I've always been pleased with them. Well earlier this month I decided to order a few gifts online - three items from Amazon and one from CompUSA. The item I ordered from CompUSA is a DS game that apparently is out of stock at a lot of places, but my little sister asked for it and I wanted to get it. I decided to use CompUSA because they were one of the few sites that had free shipping and said that the item was in stock. I ordered from both sites on 12/9 and arranged to have the items shipped to my moms house, where I was going for Christmas.

I arrived down at my moms a couple of days ago and was annoyed to hear that the items from Amazon had arrived very quickly but the package from CompUSA was MIA. On 12/21 I checked the online tracker that had been linked to in my email, which is supposed to provide updates about the status of the order. It said "No information available." I wasn't sure if the package had been sent and lost or what was going on, so today I called their customer service line. I waited on hold for SEVENTY-FIVE minutes. Yes, I timed it. Over an HOUR. I don't care if it's the busy season or whatever, there is no excuse in the WORLD to leave someone on hold for over an hour. The only reason I didn't hang up is because I kept telling myself that they were bound to pick up any minute and I didn't want to have wasted the time I sat on hold.

Anyway the guy picks up and, long story short, he tells me that the item is on hold and that it wouldn't ship out until the end of next week (three full weeks from the time I ordered the product). I asked how in the world that was possible since the website specifically said the item ships out in 1-2 business days. He had no answers. I was pretty infuriated at this point, after the sucky service and the hour+ wait. I asked why they hadn't informed me that there would be such a long delay and he said I should have got an email, but of course the ONLY email I have received from them is the initial one after ordering. I told him that that was outrageous because I had specifically ordered the item to be here by Christmas and that I wanted them to cancel my order. He said that they would cancel it and that they would email a confirmation. I haven't received an email yet and my account hasn't been credited. If they don't get on it soon, I am going to be irate. I emailed them today and supposedly they will respond in 24 hours.

I totally hate them. If they had been honest and told me that it was out of stock at the start, I would have ordered elsewhere and had the item by now. Argh!

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