Sick, yet delightfully refreshing. (insanity_speaks) wrote in bad_service,
Sick, yet delightfully refreshing.


Ambitions of a Frycook

Today I was the customer in Mcdonalds. The store was completely empty except for me. I was very polite and was served by the manager who was working register. This should guarantee a visit fuck up free. Well, that would be wonderful to think but there is a reason that this woman is a manager of a Mcdonalds and not doing anything greater with her life. She is fucking dumb. I ordered a number 2 off the menu which here is the quarter pounder value meal. Then she asked me for here or to go and I tell her for here. Ten minutes later, while listening to her have conversations about nothing important in Spanish (yes, I know enough spanish to know that it was about what was going on for that evening and not about who needed to wipe off the tables) I get my order. She brings me a Big Mac value meal all bagged up and ready for me to walk out the door. So I tell her, I wanted this for here and I also ordered a quarter pounder. It took another 5 minutes to get my order. You know, it's not much to ask for an order to be correct when it comes from the back...especially when it's dead. Maybe if the concentration wasn't about the Cervaza you were going to have that night and what the fuck the only customer in the building just ordered people wouldn't have such a bad atitude about the IQ's of most fry cooks. Also, I have always thought it was totally rude to speak in another language in the work environment. Save it for the break room and not on the floor. I'm glad you are trying to make a difference in this country and not just living off of our welfare...but it in English. If I were in Mexico and spoke Spanish fluently, you better believe that I would do everything I coudl to speak Spanish there all the time.
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