creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in bad_service,

Minor Suckage

So, my dad wanted to get my mom this nifty little device called an Ion Turntable that converts your records into MP3 and you can record right to a Ipod or your computer. Coolest thing Ive seen in a while and we have an obscene record collection so its brilliant. Anywho, apparently these have been on the market for about a year but we hadn't seen it until it came out in the local Best Buy catalog. We immediately went to the Best Buy and after looking for person after person to help (and I got refused service in the section we were in because I'm female. I was standing there at the help desk waiting to ask for the product and the man behind the desk talked to every other guy and talked around me, and then went to my father instead of me and asked if he needed help. Made a comment about how a lot of "women folk" don't know what they're looking for), and they informed us that they were all out. Apparently, they only keep one in stock. Then why advertise for it?

Quite annoying, but we went to Circuit City and got it for the same price, I got hit on blantently in front of my dad by the guy who sold it to us and we got a discount, so apparently, us women folk are capable of something.
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