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DHL sucks.

Okay, I'm going to try to make this quick. There's a lot of details though so I apologize for the tl;dr. The item I was waiting for was a camera bag.

I ordered something on amazon.com that was picked up by DHL on Dec 17th, with two day shipping. On the 19th, the tracking said it had arrived in Chicago. It didn't come, but that wasn't a huge deal to me. The important package of the day came (the actual camera) via UPS.

Yesterday morning, it said "arrived at DHL facility" again. I called them and they said it would be going out that day for sure and that it would be at my place by 8pm. Again, I waited and it never showed up. Around 9:15pm, the status was updated with "scheduled for delivery." No one came.

At 7am, today (the 4th day), for the third day in a row, the status said "arrived at DHL facility." I called them to ask, and they said it would definitely be delivered today. I asked to have the facility call me back. Less than an hour later, I was called and told that the package would be here by 3pm.

The time came and went. Not too long after, I tried to call them. I put in my tracking info, like usual, and asked to speak to a rep.

The system told me the hold times were over fifteen minutes and that I should call back during business hours and hung up on me. I tried calling back and was hung up on again. I could find no way to get through to a representative. Besides, shouldn't 3:30pm on a Friday be business hours for a shipping company?

I checked the internet and found another number to use. I called that one. I told my story again and the woman said that they would have someone call me back in an hour. No one called me back so I called them again. When I talked to them this time they said they didn't know where the driver was since he wasn't answering his texts.

Then I am told they're not open tomorrow so even if it's not delivered tonight, I cannot pick it up tomorrow. I am promised that someone will call me back. No one does.

So then it's past 5:30pm and I'm getting rather pissed. I find the number for the actual shipping office (which, by the way, the main tele number says they cannot give that info out over the phone!) and call them. The lady says she just talked to the driver and he was less than 15 minutes away.

He shows up, on his cell phone talking to someone about something obviously not related to his job, hands the package to me and walks away.

That was my first, and last, time dealing with DHL. My ground shipping packages got here faster than that. On the plus side, even though I didn't ask, amazon.com refunded my shipping fees.

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