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Bad Service from See's Candies and UPS

In October, my husband ordered a box of See's chocolates as a gift for me for our delayed anniversary trip, paying extra for faster shipping. The date it was supposed to have been delivered, nothing arrived -- this wasn't too much of a surprise, as it was sent UPS. We check the UPS site, and lo and behold! They claim it was delivered, though the address to where it was supposedly delivered and the name of the person who signed for it are nowhere near ours.

My husband calls See's, who agree to re-ship the order since we obviously didn't receive it. As we would be moving later that month, my husband opts to have the order re-ship after the move. We move, call and make sure the company knows our new address, and wait for the package to arrive. And wait. And wait. My husband calls See's and speaks to a CSR who says that it was shipped, mis-delivered to our old address. He drives across town but there's no evidence of said package at the apartment office(where the awesome office manager watches for pacakges like a hawk), where the UPS driver was said to have left it.

One hour-and-a-half-long phone call later, it is revealed that the package was never actually re-shipped! We're promised it will really be shipped this time and the See's rep says it will be overnighted for free to make up for the mistake.

Today, the delivery window comes and goes. A quick check of the UPS site shows that, like magic, the package didn't make it on the truck and it is currently in a warehouse somewhere in Kentucky.

Between their shipping mix-ups and the fact that they use Useless Package loSers, I don't think we'll be doing business with them in the future.

ETA: I've called again, only to be told by one CSR that UPS didn't even pick up the package(!) and then transferred to another CSR who told me that they did pick it up and said it was delivered! WTF??
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