ournaughtyside (ournaughtyside) wrote in bad_service,

Newbie here.

Hi there! I had a horrible experience the other day and I'm just wondering if this is normal or if I had a right to be disturbed/upset. My grandmother came out to visit me and I decided to take her to a new Malasian place. Well, they had a lunch special ($7.95) that included soup, an appetizer and the main meal. They were quite nice, the place was large and appeared clean, and there were people all around. I wasn't hungry but my grandmother encouraged me to order the cheap lunch since I could bring it home and eat it later if I couldn't finish it. Well, everything was yummy and I only pecked at the food. At the end of the meal, I asked the waitress to wrap it up for me and she told me they didn't wrap up food! Now, I was quite shocked as this had never happened to me before and I know that they deliver food, so it wasn't as if they didn't have the to go packages. She saw how upset I was and said she would wrap it up for me but that it wasn't their policy. She also remarked that times were tough and so they were running the special but they didn't wrap it to go. I was definitely disturbed by all this, especially since it didn't say this anywhere and I had paid for the food. My grandmother remarked later that maybe they reuse the food and that's the reason why (how disgusting- I hope that's not the case). I still left our waitress a good tip because I figured she was just following orders and I thought it was nice of her to still agree to wrap it up.

Anyway, is this normal or did I have a right to be mad since I paid for the food and it didn't say anywhere that they didn't wrap things to go from lunch? Dinner is much more expensive, so I'm not sure if their rule applies to dinner. What do you all think?
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