Polgan (spamwarrior) wrote in bad_service,

So I'm looking for some guidance, as I'm a bit ticked off to be thinking clearly.

I signed up for a free trial of Rhapsody. When I got it all set up, I tried to use it, only to find that it would not work with my operating system. So, I called to cancel.

I spoke with a woman who must have misunderstood me, because when I explained I was calling to cancel my account, she said that I did not have an active account. I gave her my email address, she gave me my account number (which I already had, so she was confirming it), so indeed we were talking about my account. She said there was nothing to cancel, which I took to mean I had not activated anything, I was assured I would not be charged, I went on my way.

Of course, I got charged. I saw it on my account this morning. I'm going to call them, but how do I explain this to them without sounding like an idiot, and what is reasonable to ask of them?

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