Ann (drowsy_poppy) wrote in bad_service,

What's the best address to write Comcast at so that someone who matters will read it?

You see, about three months after my roommates moved out of their old apartment and to a new house with me, Comcast decided it would be more fun to start applying the roommate's payments to his old address (his name was on both accounts) and send us a past due notice.

When we were having connectivity issues, I called to complain and was told the account was past due in a very snippy manner reserved for the delinquent. I let him transfer me to the pay by phone service and paid for two months (the past due and current charges). At this point, I did not know I was paying for the old address.

I yell at my roommate when he gets home because, obviously, I think he's been welching on the bills. He shows me proof that he has paid. I call back and the second rep discovers the problem, and says that both the October payment and the payment I made tonight will be credited to the account.

This month, we get another past due bill, this time for two months, plus a current month. I call, and am told, again in a terribly bitchy manner, that the October payment was never switched, and that this is apparently not Comcast's fault. This rep claims she cannot find my November payment on the old account, so I assume that this is on the other account. She claims that this leaves one month due on the account, and she recommends I pay it immediately. I ask to be transferred to the retention department.

Joe in customer retention says that all this is our fault and Comcast will do nothing. We are collecting our bank statements for evidence of every cent we've sent to Comcast, and are probably going to small claims court. We'll start with a letter though.

EDIT: After combing through bank statements, we have lined up payments with months and found that the only thing that wasn't transferred was the October payment, which means they haven't actually lost any of our money. Not that you would know that from talking to the reps, who aren't going to credit us the late fees we've gotten for having an account 'past due' for the last three months.

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