Ashlie (iluvikarishinji) wrote in bad_service,

Meh? Service update

An update to the Victoria's Secret situation: (refer to )

Last Saturday I went back to Victoria's Secret with the same coupon card. I had heard great things of the So Sexy hair conditioner, so I decided to get that (with a $9.50 price tag). I was kinda giddy to see how the staff would react to that.

So I go to the counter and the cashier immediately says: "No, that won't work."
Me: This happened to me last week...but I called corporate and they said I could use it, because it doesn't say on the card that I have to have a $10 minimum.
Cashier: Okay, but it won't work.
Me: Okay, call corporate.
Cashier: But it won't work.
Me: ....Call corporate. They'll agree with me.
Cashier: But I can't call corporate! They're all the way in OHIO!
Me: But cashiers have called before to look up my Angels card information...
Cashier: That's different, we're calling a credit card company.
Me: Okay, I understand, but you could still TRY to call corporate..
Cashier: *frustrated* *picks up the phone* Jen, I need to talk to you. *to me* I need to talk to the manager. *walks away*

*3 minutes later, she comes back*

Cashier: *a bit miffed* Well the way we'll have to do it is totally different than what we're supposed to do.
Me: I don't mind what method you use. I'm not mad at you....I just had this happen before with this same card and the manager was rude and told me I couldn't use it when the card should let me use it and corporate agreed.
Cashier: Well I'm just going to have to take the coupon and not even scan it so corporate won't even know you used it. The cash register won't ring it up right.,
Me: Okay....listen, I'm not mad....and I appreciate your help. Thank you.
Cashier: *puts conditioner in bag and shoves it at Me* No problem. Have a nice day.


I was expecting this to happen, and I kinda felt bad for her, but she didn't even bother to try to call corporate.
I understand if she was having a bad day, but if I had been in her position, I would have been as apologetic as possible and tried to call corporate and do whatever I could to remedy the situation. I did end up getting to use the card, so I'm glad for that. I haven't received the gift card from VS Corporate yet either. 
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