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I think I forgot to post this

A short one. . .

Ok, my cablephone isn’t working. We have only one cell phone, the spousal unit takes it to work. Fine.

So I get in touch with the cable company, via payphone, to tell them that the cable modem works, but not the cable phone, my only phone.

We make arrangements for an appointment. I give them my phone number (the one to fix) and my husband’s cell number (that I keep with me that day).

They never show up.

Big deal, you think, they NEVER show up for these things.

But the excuse I got in email was amazing -- “Well, we came to fix it, called when we got near your house, and YOU DIDNT ANSWER YOUR PHONE.”

Well no shit.

They gave me $20 and I have to spend time again waiting for it to get fixed. Bastards.

Meanwhile, they say “and when you make an appointment again, leave a cell phone number.” (For all the good it did last time, and what if I didnt HAVE a cell phone?

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