James Lock (wordcandlemage) wrote in bad_service,
James Lock

Bad internet

Over the weekend I had an interesting bit of bad service with my ISP. I won't call them by name (because they have more money and power than the Gods) but that name is [1st Initial 2nd Initial & repetition of 2nd initial].

I turned on my computer, planning to go online. I got a message that I only had local access, but no internet connection. I've gotten this message before and have called Tech Support for it and I now know exactly what to say to the tech who answers in order to get it resolved quickly.

Not so much this time.

This is the gist of the conversation:

Me: Hi. My internet connection is down. Your server for my area needs to be rebooted because the signal has ceased to register. [this is exactly what an earlier rep told me to say and it has always worked before]

Tech: No, sir, that is not possibly the problem. What message are you getting?

Me: Access = Local Only

Tech: Obviously your machine is not connecting as it should. Here's what we need to do. Go to the Start button on your computer...

Me: Excuse me, but the problem is with your server.

Tech: No, sir! It is not. Now go to your Start button.

This continues for two hours. He tries to get my computer settings to reconfigure to something that will allow me to connect to their server. The problem is that all my settings are already exactly where he wants to put them. This does not make him happy.

Two hours later, with a note of triumph in his voice, the tech says: Sir, we have found the problem. The signal to your server has ceased to register, so we are going to have to reboot the server.

Me: That's exactly what I said two hours ago.

Tech: There's no way you could have known that, sir. There is no need to lie. Good night.

Me: I'd like to speak to a supervisor.

Tech: F*ck off. {click}

Well, that was certainly fun. I have a letter off to management.
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