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On Comcast: The Evil Empire

I don't know what other parts of the country/world have Comcast as an ISP/Cable Provider, but here in Houston, they dominate cable and internet provision. There are a few other options, but since I've just sunk money into startup fees for my new account, it would be rough for me to switch. Anyway, on to the bad service.

My cable is on the fritz and the internet is completely down. I had an appointment with them yesterday, from 2-5. They showed up at 5:10. After a few minutes of looking around, they told me that they had identified the problem: the outside cable had been weathered and would need fixing. Unfortunately, the cable guy did not have cable to accomplish this task, and I would need to call and reschedule the appointment. "Can you reschedule for me?" I asked. No.

I called and waited on the phone for 10 minutes to reschedule for today.

I waited for three hours today for the men to arrive. They showed up about 2.75 hours into my three hour block, and would you believe that they were not equipped to handle the problem? For some reason, they informed me that someone else would need to come out. They would schedule the appointment for me, but I would need to phone them up to find out what time the appointment was for. So, this is coming up on 9 hours I will have devoted to waiting for Comcast by tomorrow. Should I quit my job, and just devote all of my time to waiting for the cable guy for the rest of my life!??

This is the worst company in the world. And they refused to allow me to lodge a complaint over the phone until I demanded it. Do not let the jovial Comcast astronaut of the commercials fool you. They are horrible.

I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them ^%$&^*##argh

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