bait in the wolf trap (petitfour) wrote in bad_service,
bait in the wolf trap

So I'm at Macy's today and I find this really great little Guess envelope clutch in satin leopard that I had been eyeballing a few weeks earlier, and now it was on the sale rack so I knew I had to have it. But the tag was missing so I approach an associate:

Me: This purse doesn't have a price tag, can you help me find out how much it costs?

SA: Sure! (looks through the same rack of purses I just obviously looked through) ... well it looks like that's the last one of that purse so I can't find the price for you.

Me: Can you look it up in the inventory? I remember how much it cost before it went on sale. I think I remember the style name too.

SA: Um... No I can't.

Me: So what do we do then, I'd like to buy this.

SA: You can't.

Me: ...What?

SA: It's now not for sale.

Me: So it's out on the rack but I'm not allowed to buy it?

SA: Yeah, I guess it will just sit here for a while, till we get another one or something...

Me: But I want this purse, it's for sale and I'll pay whatever you tell me it costs.

SA: No, you'll just have to come back when we get another one.

Me: That's... interesting.

And then she just reached over and took the purse right out of my hands, put it right back on the rack and walked off. So now some other poor person can be irritated that it's on display but not for sale. I suppose I could have pressed the matter and tried to find another associate to try again but I was so irritated that I just left.

Plus you know that if I had picked up an obviously $300something purse and not a $40ish one she would have gone and looked up the price instead of telling me that this purse is now purely decorative.
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