this girl types (girltype) wrote in bad_service,
this girl types

hallmark and the blind.

I'm a Nurse, I have a couple of blind friends I made this year. I had no idea where to get x-mas cards for the blind, but have been told by other nurses that the hallmark in the mall was selling some xmas cards that had braille. So I go to the hallmark and can't find the cards, found some crazy xmas russian ones but no cards for the blind, and I can't find anyone on the floor, so I wait in the longest time to ask where I can find these braille xmas cards. As I get to the front of the line I ask where I can find the xmas cards and I get this.

Me: I'm looking to buy some xmas cards with braille for the type set.
Them: .. Braille? For the blind?
Me: Yeah, I was thinking I needed about four of them.
Them: Why would you get the blind a card, they can't see?
Me: .... erm. So do you have them?
Them: No. (she and her other coworker look at each other like I'm a dork) I don't think it's right to buy a card for the blind people. You'll hurt their feelings.

And then people in line start to get annoyed that I'm not buying anything and the group start to snicker and I leave empty handed... I leave feeling almost ashamed that I would want to give my blind friend a xmas card. Damn, hallmark really knows how to kill someone a little inside.
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