Phina (delphinapterus) wrote in bad_service,


Yesterday I'm wandering down generic mall with a friend and we have to walk past this kiosk selling jewelry and jewelry cleaner. It’s on one of those branches where there aren’t a lot of people because there really aren’t many stores on it and the ones that are seem to be the sort of thing that most people don’t bother with anyway. R and I aren’t really interested in the kiosk but then R sees these sparkly blue earrings that have gift potential so we stop. The woman running the kiosk comes up and asks if maybe we’d like some jewelry cleaner. She’d even give a free demo, which seems (going by her vaguely waving hands) to consist of putting the jewelry into a bowl of oily looking water. We both say thanks but no. This should be the end right? Wrong.

She grabs my hand and starts examining the ring I’m wearing. I don’t mean just a casual look see either. She’s got my hand up by hers face and she’s squinting at the ring. I try to get my hand back but she hangs on. So I ask her to let go. She looks at me and says sorry but doesn’t actually let go. Instead she starts dragging my hand towards the demo bowl insisting that once I’ve seen the power of the cleaner I’ll never stop using it. I’m thoroughly creeped out by this point and pull away as hard as possible. So now I’ve got my hand free and R and I are both starting to leave when she starts telling me that I owe her for the cleaner. We didn’t stick around to find out what was going to happen next just beat a hasty retreat but we could hear her ranting behind us.
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