Teri Smith (kitchenqueen) wrote in bad_service,
Teri Smith

Quest Diagnostics

This is only kind of bad service, and it has a semi-happy ending. (BTW, long-time lurker delurking here!)

This has been going on about a year. I'm currently on the phone on hold with them trying to get this figured out. I've been on hold for about 10 minutes now.

It started last year when I became very ill, and my doctor sent me for some lab tests. My doctor sent me to the wrong lab for the tests. However, I was very ill at the time, very stressed out because of being ill, and didn't realize it. I had the test, they found out what was wrong with me, gave me medicine, and all was happy love. This was last January.

I got a bill from Quest Diagnostics for $209.15, which I paid because it wasn't our contracted lab and I knew I was responsible for the bill. I sent the check off, thinking that was the end of it. Nope.

A month later, I get a check from Quest in the amount of $209.15. I sent it back to them with a note that says, "No, I owe you this money, you're not supposed to be sending it back to me." It comes back again. It happens again. After the third time, I figured that I just can't win with this and cashed the check, figuring that they're going to figure out sooner or later that I owe them $209.15, and I'll just send them a check then.

Everything is all happy love again until mid-summer, when I got an EoB from the insurance company denying the claim. Ok, I think, the bill will be coming any time now. Nope. Life gets busy and I forgot all about it until today when I looked through my mail from the weekend and found another denial from the insurance company. I haven't seen a bill from Quest, so I figured I'd call them, get the invoice number of the phantom invoice that I haven't gotten, and pay them the stupid money that I owe them.

Ok, off hold and off the phone now. I STILL can't pay the darn bill.

She wants me to fax her the denial from the insurance company so that they can send it to "research". Whatever, lady, I'll fax you the denial, but that doesn't change the fact that I OWE YOU MONEY AND WANT TO PAY YOU.

With any luck, "research" will decide that I either (a) don't owe them money, (b) owe them less money, or (c) owe them all the money. In either the case of (b) or (c), I'm hoping that they'll actually send me a bill so that I can pay them. Best case scenario would be (a), but I'm not that optimistic. After all, I *was* at the wrong lab and thus owe them for their services.
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