Cheryl (undaunted) wrote in bad_service,

Free food?

The hubby got drenched in diesel at work yesterday, luckly it was very cold and he was wearing insulated bibs so it only got on them.
We needed a trip to the laundermat.. giant bibs soaked in diesel fuel = not in my washer!!

I never carry cash so we also needed an ATM. We live in a little hick town and it's Sunday evening so we already had to drive 10miles or so to the next town where there is a 24 laundermat, my bank with an ATM etc. ATM only gives out 20's so we need change. We decide to go through McDonalds and get our 4yr old a happy meal (she'll be happy while sitting at the laundermat) aha

We order, the girl tells us to go the 1st window, which we can't for almost 10minutes because someone else is trying to pay. Finally we get up there, noone is around, we sit and sit finally she comes over to the drawer next to the window and stands there ON HER CELL PHONE..never once looking at us. Finally hubby gets mad and pulls up to the 2nd windw, thinking he'll just pay there.

Now let me telll you that hubby is EXTREMELY honest, would NEVER not pay for something, never one to try to "take" someone etc.

The girl opens the window, hubby is holding the 20 in his hand out the window, she (NO LIE) hands him the happy meal n drink together....CLOSES THE WINDOw AND WALKS AWAY!!! WTF?? Hubby is now PISSED. He sits there fuming for a minute or two, NOONE comes near the window and finally he pulls away, fuming all the way. Now me? I'm mad because I didn't get change. ahha =/

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