usagi (usagiweaver) wrote in bad_service,

Don't bust your ass, Dude!

So my husband placed an order for some new checks a MONTH ago. We'd marked it for expedited printing and delivery because we just moved to a new house and need checks with the new address on them. He chooses a company that has some patriotic designed checks that he liked and places the order on the internet. TEN DAYS later, they call me and say that my bank's address for us does not match the address we sent them. (My bad for forgetting them on my address-changing spree!) And that they need the bank to fax them a letter confirming the new address.

Bad service thing #1 now happens: The bank faxes them a letter saying we've changed our address and tells them to recheck via computer that it now matches. However they DO NOT put the new address ON the fax.

Bad service #2 happens due to that: So I realize it's been a month and call the check company today to ask what happened to my order. At first, they say they don't have the fax. Then the guy actually GOES AND LOOKS for it and finds it. But because of the wording, it's not sufficient. I ask if he can reprocess the order since the addresses now match. Well, THEY CAN'T DO THAT! (wtf?)

After hearing that, I ask if we cancel that order and submit an entirely new one what would happen. Well, their bullshit system would see that they already HAVE information for us and would NOT check with the bank to see if the addresses match.

At that point, I just cancel my order. I'm going back to Check Gallery where I have bought checks for nearly a decade and haven't had a single problem!!!

(I won't EVEN get into my rant with the USPS who delivered an important renewal form for my health insurance to the OLD address even though I'm entitled to mail forwarding for another MONTH!!!)

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