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Goodlife Gym

Last December I joined Goodlife, where I paid for a full year in advance and specified that I wasn't authorizing any payments to come out of my bank account, and made a very strong point that I simply wanted to be a member for a year and nothing more in order to have my work cover part of my fees.

Fast forward to this past November - I called Goodlife to ensure that no fees would be coming out of my account, and asked if there was anything I needed to do to ensure that my membership is cancelled as of Dec. 5/07. Everything was smooth as pie and I thought I was free. I thought wrong. On Dec. 7th, Goodlife took $30 out of my bank account without my permission, and without notification. Having just switched cities and awaiting my first 'full' pay cheque, you can imagine how irate I was when I discovered $30 missing from my seemingly empty bank account.

I called up the gym when I discovered this on Monday and after a long fight, was told that my money would be returned within 3 business days. It still wasn't there yesterday, and I now have $2 in my account. So I called the customer "experience" number for 2 hours, leaving multiple messages stating that this was an Emergency. When noone returned my call, I phoned a local gym location where a horrified receptionist told me that she'd do her best to sort it out and said she'd do the calling for me. The result is that the supervisor who needed to approve my deposit on Monday hasn't been in all week, and instead of notifying me that the transfer didn't happen, they just let it slide - and now they say I'll have my money by Wednesday the 19th. If it weren't for my boyfriend, I'd literally have no way of eating during this time, and I'll be out of bus tickets to get to work by Tuesday with no cash in order to buy them.


I'm writing an email to CTV's Whistle Blower segment, as I'm not the only one out there who's had to deal with Goodlife stealing money from clients/former clients.

I'm looking for other people's testimonials from being screwed over by Goodlife withdrawing money from their accounts without permission/after they've cancelled their membership. Anyone else have a similar experience with them?

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