Erin (celticjade13) wrote in bad_service,

CompUSA Bad_Service

I usually try to be understanding of retail employees, and if just one of these things had happened, I would've chalked up to a bad day and moved on, especially during the holiday season. Since it all happened during a 20-minute visit at 1 store, I say CompUSA sucks and deserves to go out of business.

My dad needed to buy a new laptop for my brother, since he dropped his and that's not really conducive to the continued operation of the laptop. We head to CompUSA because we heard it was going out of business and thought we'd get a good price. My dad saw a laptop he wanted, only he wanted 1GB more of memory. The employee he asks says that CompUSA can't install it, so my dad asks how to install the memory himself. The employee lists off 2 ways of doing it, and my dad points to the computer at goes, "Which one will work on this?" Employee says, "Uh, I don't know." Fine, whatever. My dad just decides to get the laptop he liked at Sam's Club.

We still need other stuff, so I'm wandering around the cables section, and I ask if they have a cable to connect my cell phone to my computer. The employee (same one from the laptop memory) says, "Well, it's depends on your phone," in this tone that says he clearly expects me to have the world's most incompatible phone. I pull it out and go, "It's a Razr. It's fairly popular." He leads me over to the software section and shows me this cable bundled in with software for $50. First of all, my cell phone company sells just the cable for $25, which, OK, he's not psychic. But I was wandering around the cable section, he couldn't say something along the lines of, "Oh, sorry, we don't carry just cables, everything's bundled with software."

My dad walks up to us and asks where wireless routers are. The employee goes, "Over there," and points to the other half of the store. Um, gee, thanks. So much easier than looking for it ourselves. We finally find wireless routers, all over $100. My dad's looking for a price on one, and someone who looked like either a manager or shift supervisor (I'm not sure how the stores are structured) walks up and asks us which product we need a price on. My dad goes, "Actually, I'm looking for wireless routers between $30 and $50. We just need it for our house." The guy goes, "Yeah, but you were looking for a price. Which router?" My dad goes, "Really, if you could just show me where the $30-$50 routers are, that'd be fine." The guy gets mad and says, "No. You were looking at a router. Which one was it so I can give you the price?" I finally said, "The T-Mobile one." The guy looks at it, looks at my dad, and goes, "The cheaper ones are this way," and walks 2 aisles over. My dad and I were just like, "Um, why couldn't we do that part at the beginning of the conversation?" Never gave us the price of the router he was so adamant about either.

Finally, we're checking out with our cheap, non-Netgear router (which is a separate Bad_Service altogether), and my dad asks the cashier about the company not adding memory on the laptop since he knows they used to. She says that it's a new policy after the going out of business announcement, which is understandable. Then she says that they have over 50 computers in back that customers bought before the announcement that were supposed to have extra memory put in. Now they have to call the customers and tell them to take it up with the computer manufacturers. I realize the company has basically nothing to lose at this point, but that's still wrong.

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