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So my bf meets up with me at the mall on Thursday night, we were walking around and we pass this store which I always pass because it's one of those shitty Brazilian clothes store with the super tight dresses on the mannequins who have huge badunkadunks. I have nothing against it but the clothes is usually overpriced and very cheap flimsy fabric. Not to mention it's hoochie as all hell and I don't go clubbing enough to justify buying anything in there. However he insisted we go in just to look, I was like "OK, what the hell" we get in there and this lady is super over-selling which is something I can't stand. I'm sorry, I just like to be left alone when I shop and if I need help I'll ask for it. The bf is a fuckin Chatty Cathy though so he starts asking the lady about the one dress I said is "OK" because truthfully I didn't like anything in there or think it would fit me well. He asks her what size it's in and she says "Small, Med, Large" and he was like Vivi, what size would you be? Before I can answer she's like "Let me see, turn around" so I do and she's like "LARGE." I'm like a size 8 in women's clothes, probably an 11 in Junior's and apparently a HUGE OBESITY in Brazilian clothes, lol just kidding but I have no problem with that cuz like I said I know their clothes run small. My bf is like "Large!?" and I chimed in that the clothes is Brazilian and they run small and the lady was like "Exactly AND she has a bootie!" again, that's cool I know I'm no size 2 and I am happy with my ass being the size it is. They insist I try it on and I'm trying to give it a chance so I oblige.

I go into the fitting room and the thing is fug to begin with I realize and on me it's just BAD. I look like a fucking sausage or something being SQUEEZED into this nasty floral too short cheap thin dress. They want me to come out and I already know it looks awful but they keep insisting so I come out and I'm like "I really don't like it" The lady is like "Well first of all you are wearing the WRONG underwear for that dress, you have a low bikini cut which pushes your belly out and cuts you in ALL THE WRONG PLACES. You need something to hold your stomach in and it will fit better."

Now I know maybe in her mind she figured this would convince me that it's not the dress but my horribly ill-fitting inappropriate how-dare-you-wear-that underwear and if I'd just invest in some Spanx or something I could totally buy the ugly over-priced dress but all it did was make me feel like shit. Had I known I would be trying on some skanky club gear I probably would've busted out my girdle instead of my "cuts me in all the wrong places" underwear but I didn't know, so geez, MY BAD! Honestly I don't think any type of underwear would've saved me from looking like hot mess in that dress (hey, I rhyme!). If you've got some extra pounds on you you probably shouldn't be wearing something that's super tight, at least thats my opinion which is why I never go in there. The way she said it was just kind of talking down to me, like I should be ASHAMED of the underwear I had on and like I should've known better than to wear it EVER. For the record and this may be TMI but whatever, it was just a black cotton thong and I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I prefer not to have visible panty lines (which I did in that dress because it was ridiculously thin and tight, again I don't think ANY kind of underwear would've helped that) and it didn't cause any problems for what I was wearing at the time so her chastising was uncalled for. I just think there's a much gentler way to say that like "Maybe if you wear different underwear with that dress?" or "Why don't we try another style?" she just made me feel like a fat pig with bad undies. :'(

EDIT I can kind of see where this is going and upon re-reading my entry I can kind of see where people are getting the idea that my boyfriend pushed me into going into the store. Really it wasn't that big of a deal, he just wanted me to look and see if there was anything in there I would wear. I was honestly going in there pretty open-minded like *maybe* I could find something I liked since I'd never actually gone inside but just had an impression from passing it that I probably wouldn't like anything in there. Unfortunately that kind of got shot to shit because the sales lady was a little less tactful than what I would've liked, after I'd already said I didn't like the outfit I tried on.
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