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Local Power Company, I hate you

I woke up earlier this week to banging outside the house. I get up to see if it's somebody at my door, and I notice there's a truck in my driveway. I open the door to peak outside and it's the power comapany's logo on the side of the truck. I close the door and notice all appliances with clocks on them are off. They've cut off our power.

I immediately call my husband, freaking out (though calmly), as to why our power is shut off and for him to call them to get to the bottom of it. Our bill isn't due for another 2 weeks.

It turns out they decided to move our due date from the 17th of the month to the 7th. They supposedly sent letters out to customers affected by this change, but we never got one.

Our checking accounts were pretty much empty until the 14th (besides the money reserved for our rent). I tried to put the $200 payment on one credit card, but they couldn't accept it, so I had no other choice than to stick it on my other credit card - which put it over the limit. We're poor little Airmen with a budget to stick to, and this consequently fucked us in the following manner:

My overdraft protection is put on my credit card in case something happens and I no longer had that protection and one too many transactions were made in my checking account so the rent check bounced. Now I'm out an additional $55 due to these chain of events, to cover both my and our landlord's fees. Not to mention a bitching out by the landlord about it better not happen again, and the power company debacle is "no excuse". Ergh.
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