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NOT yummy..

it takes a lot for a service individual to make me mad. i've had a lot of the "bad service" things that people post here happen to me without thinking twice about them or considering them actual bad service.

but yesterday evening a friend i went to a chinese restaurant [apparently used to be called "yummy" and now is called "relax"].

i am a vegan, and the location of this restaurant is in uptown minneapolis, which is very vegan friendly [many restaurants say on the menu whether things are vegan or have vegan options]. at the very least, the restaurants i've gone to have been sensitive to this specific eating habit.

we were seated across from lobster/crab tanks, and i was a little upset to watch the man pick through the lobsters and crabs and then carry his choices back to the kitchen.
i guess i can understand that they want to show how "fresh" the seafood is, so obviously i'm not calling THAT the bad service.

i got really sad for a little, but i was happy when my "veggie" spring rolls came out...
during conversation i took a big bite out of a dumpling, chewed, swallowed, looked down at my food and saw some kind of pink fleshy substance.

"this is meat. they just gave me meat. i just got meat. i just ate meat. meat.. this is meat." i think were my exact words. my friend looked at what i had just eaten and said "yeah... that's definitely meat."

they gave me PORK rolls instead of VEGETABLE.

now i clearly said vegetable rolls. in fact, i said "appetizer [#], the vegetable vegetarian rolls." and pointed to the item. i'm always really, really specific when i order food at restaurants. i ask what it's cooked in, i ask what it's mixed with, etc. etc. etc. so there's absolutely no way i would "accidentally" order pork.

i called the waitress over and explained to her, in an annoyed tone but still politely that i ordered vegetable rolls. however, she didn't understand much english so i really wasn't able to get the point across that i had just eaten pork, nor the reasoning as to why i was upset.
she then told me that i didn't order the vegetable rolls.
at that point i decided this woman wasn't getting a tip.
she said she'd get me the veggie rolls, but my appetite for spring rolls was ruined.

okay, now even disregarding the fact that i'm vegan, what if i was kosher jew? that's just carelessness.

i then hesitantly ate my vegetable lo mein. toward the end of my meal, i found two VERY small pieces of chicken mixed into my noodles. so i have this awful fear that i ate some chicken too.
didn't even bother complaining about that. i was already mad about the pork, and i probably would have been rude to the woman if i spoke to her again.
she already wasn't getting a tip.

sidenote to the suck, there were only two other [small] groups of people in the restaurant and it took her about 30 minutes altogether after we were finished eating to bring us the check.

i ended up having a stomach ache all night, though i think it was probably more psychosomatic than anything else.
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