Cherry Blossom (tragic0phelia) wrote in bad_service,
Cherry Blossom

Ok so this wasnt enough to make me livid, as it just comes to mind now, and it happened a few weeks ago but still:

I was at the boxoffice and I wanted a ticket for a 9.30 showing for Shrek 2. And there were lots of different showings that night (it was the only movie playing at the theater, and i think there were showings going on until midnight)

Me: Me, duh
BOL: Box office lady

Me: Hi, can I have one adult for the 9.30 Shrek 2?
BOL: 10.25
Me: WHAT? Thats the only time left?
BOL: ...10.25
Me: ....OH *gives her $10.25*

Ok so my fault that I didnt get that that was the price of the ticket (I know, NYC tickets are fucking pricy), but when I said that and asked if that was the only time left, it was pretty clear that I wasnt sure exactly what she meant by a flat "10.25". If she had said, "Its 10.25", or even if she had just grunted, "The price", I wouldve gotten it immediately. But simply, flatly saying, "10.25" again isn't going to help me any. I said thank you to her and she seemed nice after that, but come on. I dont care if you're nice or whatever. But it was pretty clear by my saying "thats the only time left?" that I.....didnt quite get it. Deadpan stating, "10.25" isnt going to aid me, i mean i eventually figured it out in 5 seconds but still, how hard is it to add "It's" to the price?
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