Eva Whitley (wouldyoueva) wrote in bad_service,
Eva Whitley

Dear Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority,

Please tell me how I can board the z29 bus. Obviously, standing in the entrance and starting to walk on isn't it, because that's what I was doing this evening, one minute before it was scheduled to leave, and your driver shut the doors in my face and drove away even though I was knocking on the door.

However, I commend you on this effort to try to keep to the schedule. Of course, this commitment would have been nicer last July when the bus NEVER arrived (not just late, just no bus until the next one arrived), or last August when I waited for a bus that arrived 20 minutes late, which is a good trick considering my stop at the library is only the second stop on the line. (I'd have more examples, but I try to avoid taking your buses.)

However, it would be nice if you could give me a clue on how to board one of your buses, because I would like to be able to walk to my bus stop when it is snowing. (I hate driving in the snow but my employer likes me to show up if the accumulation is under 12 inches.) Do I need to wear a special hat? Is there a dance I need to do before I climb on? Please let me know, as snow is predicted.

No love,
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