Alix (ravenessence) wrote in bad_service,

I know we're evil high school students, but...

The story below about the mall kiosk reminded me of this. It happened six years ago, but it still annoys me.

It's around the winter holidays. I'm 16 at the time, in high school, and I make plans with some of my friends to go hang out at the local mall. I call my boyfriend, who agrees to pick me up and come along.

Some quick facts before we go farther:

1. My boyfriend parked near the movie theater attached to the mall. the food court, which is where my friends parked, is on the opposite side of the mall.
2. My boyfriend is very quiet. Very shy. He didn't say much.
3. It is northeastern Pennsylvania in the winter. Aka freezing. And I dont have a coat.

The mall is quiet. We're being normal teenagers - my friends and I are goofing around and laughing, and my boyfriend is just walking with us and laughing from time to time. We are, perhapes, being a trifle too annoying or loud, but.. we're not hurting anyone. We're not screaming curses, we're not being rude or stealing or running into people. We're just being normal highschool kids in a mall.

Out of nowhere, I realize we're being followed by a security guard. My boyfriend and my friends notice. Since they are a bit ahead of us, the boyfriend and I stop and see what the lady wants.

She tells us that a complaint was filed for us being too loud. Boyfriend and I apologize and promise that we'll be quieter. Lady says ok. We go on. Guard follows us. By this time, my friends are speeding up to try to lose her, boyfriend and I try to figure out what she still wants. She tells us that whoever was being loud was going to have to leave.

Um? By this time my friends have stopped, and we have no idea what she talking about... what is considered loud, and when were you meaning? Who was being loud? At the end, boyfriend and I start saying we'll leave. Security Guard says no, and orders us to march to a jewelery kiosk. The lady running it was the one who called security on us.

The woman flips. She claims that she lost a $100 commission because we walked past and were talking loudly. She quoted something my friend said. She was saying that we don't know what its like to have to keep a job (nevermind that my boyfriend, myself, and at least one of my friends all held jobs at the time) and we were horrible people. We just stand there and take it because.. well, what else are we going to do> This woman is livid, and we just want to go back to our shopping. Then the security guard tells us that we ALL have to leave. Even my boyfriend, even though he never really said anything. Even though she had no proof besides this woman's word that we did anything at all.

Whatever. It wasn't worth it to fight. The kiosk was right by the movie theater enterence, so the boyfriend and I turned around to leave, while the security guard and my friends start in the other direction.

Guard: hey! Where are you going?
Boyfriend: Um.. we're leaving?
Me: Our car is parked out here
Guard: No. You're leaving out the food court like everyone else!


Yes. We had to walk with this woman to the other side of the mall, and then walk around the building to get to our car. Nevermind the fact that we were the ones cooperating with her the entire time. Nevermind that its very cold. This woman, I think, was on a huge power trip and was enjoying the fact that she got to kick us troublemakers out.

The best part? She escorted us out the door and stood outside to watch us go. Another guard out there saw boyfriend and I start to walk around the building and yelled "where do you guys think you're going?" The guard who kicked us out told him we were walking to our car... making it sound like it was closer than on the other side of the building.
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