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Okay, so you really DON'T want me to pay you!

Alright. They're getting on my nerves now.

This is a follow up to this post.

And I got this little gem:

So I called customer service. Turns out, there's not only a security feature on their site that does not allow people to pay them a large amount, but there's another feature that refuses to let them pay even the minimum amount the second time around!

The lady gave me another load of BS. She ACTUALLY SAID this...

"We cannot allow you to pay your bill over the phone or online for 30 days after a return on your account. You will have to mail it to us. Terrible system, I know, really don't have much of a choice, other than to just wait the 30 days out and eat the late fee. Oh, you have paperless billing? Well, you're going to have to send it to [this address] in a regular envelope, and make sure you pay extra to put some insurance on it at the post office, because it is, after all, $3000 that you're trusting with your local post man. Is there anything else I can help you with?"





Oh, I'll send them the check. You bet your ass I'll send them the check. I'll also send them a beautiful letter with the check. C_S ain't seen nothing yet!

EDIT 3:47 P.M.:

I just came back from the post office. I sent a letter, stating that this is the third attempt to make a payment to that account, and that if this payment is refused, I will be contacting FDIC as well as their CEO. I sent it certified, insured, and with an electronic return receipt. I have notified my bank that I have written the check, and they have assured me that the money is in my account - it was returned from the last time.

Only time will tell from this point. If they don't have it by Monday and they tack on a late fee, I will call and make damn sure it's taken off. I'm not paying a late fee because they don't know how to run a business.
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