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This is cut because it is kinda long and told the story about it.

So yesterday, I decide while running errands that I was going to stop at the McDonalds down the street from our house. (Normally I would not put the address but they really annoyed me so I would warn people from the Trolley RD Dorchester one here in Summerville, SC). Actually I did try and talk my three year old into Chickfila (since we just got a new one closer to the house) but he had his little heart set on a happy meal. (Keep in mind that this is a special treat for him because of some things he had been doing well with at home)

So I got through the drive thru and order him a chicken McNugget happy meal since that is the only thing that he likes. (he tends to eat a few fries, eats two nuggest, his sister eats one, and then they are done). I also got the chicken sandwich value meal for myself.

So we pay, get to the window and the woman hands me a bag. I check inside, everything looks right, I get the happy meal box, I check inside, everything looks right. I sit there for another 2 minutes as she goes off to get another order waiting for my son's juice box and my water. The lady tries to hand some other poor souls meal out to me when I tell her that we are just waiting for our drinks.

I KNOW I KNOW I probably should have used that time to check better but all the boxes and cartons seemed to be there so I didn’t think anything of it.

We rush home because by now the baby is screaming and tired from sitting in her car seat so long. I get the kids in, the food in, open the three year olds happy meal to so I can lay it out for him and can you believe what I saw?!?!?!

NO FREAKING NUGGETS IN THE BOX!!. Oh he got probably half a thing of fries, his juice box, his toy, and a EMPTY BOX that was supposed to have his four nuggets.

SO I am semi ticked off at this point but I remain calm, go look up the number and call the place. Well I called the wrong one first but got a really nice manager who gave me the right number and was really nice and concerned and was going on and on about sorry for my trouble and all.

I call the right McDonalds. An employee answers the line and I tell her I want to speak to a manager now please. She says ummmm... what about? At this point I wanted to say none of your business, but I didn't. I told her what happened. She asked if I could come back. At this point I had one upset little baby, so I said no I couldn’t just put the kids back in the car to come back, but that I was calling to tell them I was very disappointed in the service.

So the girl tells me to hold on, she would get the manager. (now she was really nice and was very understanding and all) I could hear her talking in the background and she was telling another employee what had happened and she was saying she understood because she had little kids and you cant just turn around and come back and all. Then they go into this long conversation about some woman that apparently called yesterday mad about her order being wrong too. They put the wrong sandwich in a box or something.

So after holding for 10 minutes, I hear. CLICK. Yes, someone hung the phone up. I call back. I hear someone pick up, then hang the phone up. This went on three or four different times. That is when they WOULD answer the phone. I am hot now. So I call the McDonalds service hotline. (you can get the number from their website). Now that woman was really nice. She said she was going to fax my complaint straight to the owner of that McDonalds and all this other stuff.

So when I get off the phone, I decide to try and call the store again. This time I finally get the manager. So now supposedly she has put my name and number and all down in a book so that next time we show up there I just have to show my DL and we get a replacement meal.

I just don’t freaking get it. This one is less busy then the one a few miles up the street and yet I have NEVER had problems at that one. This one always has some kind of issue. They don’t put everything in the bag, wont give you any sauce, get your drink wrong. But usually it is something you notice. How do you just not notice nuggets missing in the box when put the happy meal together. AGH! To make matters worse, it wasn’t that busy either.

Nothing like telling your child they get to have a treat today and then get home and their food isn’t in the box.
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