Still Love (stilllove) wrote in bad_service,
Still Love

do you suck?

It's so funny how after my site started loading slowly again, nobody has anything else to say. You people suck. I just wanted to make sure you know I know.


Before you comment (oh wait, you can't comment), click the links.

I will also acknowledge that I neglected to mention that I contacted them prior to these emails by chat approximately a week to 2 weeks before. This was part of the reason for my tone. You didn't have that info and I won't blame you for not having it. However, you still suck.

Yeah, you're right, this was a bad idea. This is supposed to be my night off and I'm doing this? Everyone have a great night and may all your service experiences be great!

Ye Gods! I am so gonna be banned! This is my first banning. You'll still suck though.
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