Lee (atilla_honey) wrote in bad_service,

Not sure what to call this, other than really obnoxious

I'm new, with a fresh bad_service for your pleasure.

Dear Smelly Relaxing Stuff Kiosk Lady,
Yes, I realize that you must be pushy and that is part of your job.  That's fine and it's not the problem.  You sell hot/cold relaxation neck pillows.  Which is also not the problem, in fact they sound quite nice.  There is a minor issue of me being violently allergic to many flowers, flower pollens, and flower perfumes; some variant of which your relaxation aids are stuffed with.  That's the problem.

There is a reason I veer to farthest place in the hallway away from your kiosk every single time I pass; it is called an "Allergic Reaction."  I would like to avoid it.  See, I really hate the hives, the itchy eyes, and all the fun that is associated with said allergic reaction.  Heck, as far away from your kiosk as I try to stay, I still bust with the sneezing, at the least.  Even with my allergy meds.

Lady, I work at the mall too, I'm not a new employee and you're not a new kiosk.  I see you every day, I have to pass by your kiosk.  I tell you that I'm not interested politely and firmly every day.  Heck, I've even mentioned I'm allergic to the flowery crap you stuff your pillow-things with.  Many times, in fact.  I'm polite, if brief, as I'm usually going to work.  This is not the bad service or even the suck.

This is.  Today, it was the normal exchange:  Veer to the side of the hall as far away from your kiosk as I can get, you ask if I want to try your pillows, 'no thanks, allergies.'  Figured that it would end there.  It didn't.  I was about past you when you ask, "What, are you afraid?" in one of those snotty, nasty tones.  I stopped dead in my tracks, not really believing you had really said what you did lady.  You did.

Don't look shocked when I read you the riot act.

And don't you dare try to defend your shitty behavior to me.  Do not fucking antagonize me.  I told you more than once I am allergic to your products, I avoid your kiosk like the plague every day.  Heck, I was always at least vaguely polite about it too.  Why the fuck did you think it was a good idea to ask me if I'm "afraid" of your products in that snotty, mocking voice?  I'm fucking severely allergic to everything you sell, as I've told you more than once.

Why the fuck would I be "afraid" of you or your stuff, you dumb bitch?  And what the hell did you think was going to happen when you asked me something like that in that tone?  That I would have a golden -oh, wait, I really want to try one of those pillows- or it would cause me to be unallergic to your stuff?  No!  I'm still allergic and now really pissed at you, your tone, and the implication of what you asked me.  Of course I'm going to get nasty to you , your behavior was absolutely ridiculous.  What the hell were you thinking?  Use your fucking brain.

Unfortunately, you don't have a supervisor I can contact.  Obviously, I won't be shopping at your kiosk because I'll turn into a puffy ball of hives.  But I'll damn well tell other potential patrons that you might have about your shitty behavior.
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