tara (mysticrat) wrote in bad_service,

Carnegie Deli

So last weekend I was in NYC and we decided to have lunch at the Carnegie Deli.

We wait in line about half an hour and then are seating. We get our menus and immediately the waitress comes by and asks if we're ready to order. Having just sat down, we tell her no.

So we look through the menu and notice that there's a minimum purchase for each person ($12) No big deal but since some of us were planning on splitting our sandwiches (they are absolutely enormous) we decided on ordering various sides also.

So we wait 20 minutes, and at this point we don't even have drinks. So we're sitting here, starving, trying to get our waitress back to the table, and she keeps ignoring us and going over to another member of the waitstaff to chat. When she finally comes back and takes our orders, she gives us attitude when we ask her questions.

So already at this point we're completely unimpressed.

Our food comes out really very quickly. However, it's brought out by food runners, and our sides are all missing. We start eating, assuming they're still coming. 25 minutes later, after several attempts to call her over and no food, we flag down the waitress again. When the situation is explained, she looks at her notes, shrugs and says she didn't put the sides in to the kitchen. No apology, no concern, not at all caring. So we said, fine, cancel them, we'll get dessert.

When she comes back to take dessert orders, she goes all the way around the table. I had just asked her a dessert question, so she started at my right and went around counter clockwise. When she got to my fiance on my left, who said he didn't want anything, she just walked away, leaving me there holding the dessert menu, waiting to order.

They included a 15% gratuity on the bill, so we paid that and left nothing extra.
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