bellefior (bellefior) wrote in bad_service,

Not Totally Bad Service, But Not the Best IMHO

Comparatively speaking to some of the things I have seen here, this isn't too bad, but still.

I get that during the holidays, things get busy for sale staff and customers get annoying.   But when I  ask for a gift receipt, and the clerk tells me, I don't know how to do that, just scratch out the price when you give it to the person, I find that a bit weird that they don't know how to do something so basic.  Especially after I ask if we do it that way, will it be an issue for the receiver to return the item, the salesperson decides maybe he should  call his manager to find out how to do a gift receipt.  I can't be the only person during the holidays who asks for a gift receipt, can I?   And if you don't know how to do it for me, don't you think you should learn how to do it for the other people after me who will ask for one? Then after figuring out how to print the receipt (was one button), he handed me the gift receipts, and when I asked where my credit card receipt was, he very nastily told me it was in the bag.  

I was polite the entire time, and I get that they may hire seasonal help, who may not know everything, but I think when they are taught how to use the register, that probably should include how to print a gift receipt.  I also didn't get the impression the clerk who waited on me was seasonal help, since he was overly familiar with the manager.  I was so annoyed by the whole thing, especially when he became nasty when I only asked about the whereabouts of my  credit card receipt, I decided to buy the items elsewhere. (I know, stupid on my part to wait in another line in a different store just to make a point no one would probably care about anyway). 

So after purchasing them elsewhere, I returned the items, going to a different floor, different line with 5 registers.  And wouldn't you know when I got to the next available register, person told me that she wasn't authorized to do returns, so I had to wait for another 5 minutes for the only one of the five who was?  Who has 5 registers open, but only one with someone who can process a return?  There wasn't a specially designated return registers, so I guess that was my karma payback for trying to make a point.

On the flipside, the store where I did make the purchases had A+ customer service, and had no problem keeping the line, which had to have at least 30 people in it at any given time, moving quickly and efficiently (5 minutes from the time I got in it to the register), and despite the long line, the cashiers were pleasant to the customers.


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