Turn My Lips Blue (cocacola_sorrow) wrote in bad_service,
Turn My Lips Blue

Hey Bitch... where is my magazine?

On the 21/10/2007, I ordered a 4 issue subscription to Bitch Magazine starting with issue 37. All up, this cost me $40.00 USD or $45.00 Australian, which didn't bother me so much because hey! I'm used to importing stuff from the US and I know it aint cheap. But I really wanted this magazine because it had an article on asexuality and corresponds with some research I'm doing.

On the 7/11/2007, after I was sure that my order had been processed, I emailed Bitch Magazine asking when I could expect to receive my first copy.

Reply: The fall issue was mailed in early November. Since it is sent by surface mail, it could take up to five weeks for delivery.

I thought this was a bit strange, as the fall issue has been on sale since September 1st, but I figured they waited until they had enough subscriptions and then did a mass post.

But now it's the 11th of December and I still haven't received a copy and it's been more or less five weeks. Additionally, I have ordered stuff from the US before and it has taken maybe two weeks to reach my little home in Sydney, Australia.

Is this bad_service or am I just being impatient?
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