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Damn it, Planned Parenthood

I had a good experience when I went to Planned Parenthood for the first time in October. The only thing that bothered me was during the interview before my exam (as I was a new patient, they were going over my forms with me) and the lady asked if I wanted a chlamydia test along with my pelvic exam. This is what happened:

Counselor: The state pays for us to do a chlamydia test with every exam, would you like one?
Me: I really don't think it's necessary.
Counselor: Are you sure? We can take the sample during the pelvic, it won't add on any more time. Plus you won't have to pay for it.
Me: Nah, I don't need it.
Counselor: It's free, you might as well. I mean you don't HAVE to, but you might as well since you don't really have to do anything. It's just a swab.
Me: Okay, fine. Go ahead.

I kind of just wanted her to shut up and I didn't really care about the test. She said it was free, it wasn't going to hurt or anything, so whatever. Not a big deal.

Well today I got an invoice in the mail from the company that did the lab work for the fee from the supposedly free chlamydia test. It says the test cost $127, it was adjusted to take $85.81 off, my insurance paid $32.96, and I have to pay $8.23. Now, that's not a lot of money at all. I don't need those eight dollars. But I'm PISSED that the lady assured me over and over that I wouldn't have to pay for the lab work. I said I didn't want it more than once but she kept saying it was free, so I said okay. Had I known I was going to get charged I wouldn't have done it; I knew I didn't have chlamydia, there was no point.

Now that's not a lot of money for me and it's not going to damage me to pay that nine dollars, but I got an adjustment plus my insurance covered most of what was left after that. A lot of the women going to Planned Parenthood don't have insurance or the money to pay for this test. So while I'm HOPING that she only screwed up this once while talking to me, I bet there were some other women who ended up getting billed when they shouldn't have.

I'm going to call them tomorrow just to make sure that I didn't receive this bill in error, and if I really am expected to pay this I'm thinking it would be fair to tell PP to pay it for me. I feel kind of bad asking a nonprofit to spend money I can afford to spend, but I want to make sure they don't do it again to someone who doesn't have the money.

I just called at the woman who answered told me that the state does indeed cover it for all women under 24 years of age if they do not have insurance. The woman I talked to knew I had insurance because we talked about it in that same meeting, so yeah, she screwed up. The lady who answered the phone took down my information and said she'd call me back. We'll see how this works out x_x
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