Celestina Ketzia (celestinaketzia) wrote in bad_service,
Celestina Ketzia

Get it together!

I never thought I'd be making a post here. I hope that somewhere there's someone from my town and knows never to lease from these people!

Backstory that leads up to this: I found an ad in the paper to sublease an apartment. It seemed perfect as the sublessor, Val, was offering to pay two months rent if we moved in asap. I go to Equity Real Estate to begin the paperwork, and tell them multiple times that it's a sublease and ask if I need to pay anything. I'm met with a "no, all we need is your application!" The day I come in to turn in my paperwork, the same girl I've been working with all along suddenly says "Oh you're SUBLEASING! Well in that case, that means you owe us $400 deposit and $200 subleasing fee." At that point, I pay it and am later reimbursed by Val. I'm told I'd be given a call when my paperwork goes through and be given a date on when I can move in. It'd be two days at the most.

A week goes by and nothing. Finally I call them and find out that the paperwork has needed some addition and changes and no one bothered to call me! I do the changes and again am told that it'd be a couple of days. Three days go by and I call back again and learn that I was cleared to move in the same day I did the changes. Ugh! On top of that, I'm given a new key while the previous tenants still have their copies...

We get to now. Supposedly everything is in the clear. I'm good and dandy, and really enjoy this place if it weren't for the management. Our water heater goes out on Sunday night. We have no hot water and no heater and it's getting pretty chilly out. I call Equity and they say that they'll send someone out Monday between 8 - 5 and to just be sure that I'm there. No one has yet to arrive.

Now to top everything off, my mother called me to say that Equity called her. The woman on the phone that she spoke to was very badgering and demanding payment on past due rent. ...Rent should have already been paid until January and they should have called me first! I call Equity and inform them that the check wouldn't be from me, and that it would be from the previous tenant. They call me back promptly and say that they've never had anything come in for my apartment number. Okay, the check might have gotten lost. I call Val and she tells me she'll call her bank. She did send the check out, and not only that, it had already been cashed. Val's bank sends the copies over to Equity, and only until I call them do I find out that I'm in the clear.

And oh, while I'm on the phone with them, I inquire as to when someone is going to come out and fix the water heater. Oh, it just so happens they forgot to put in the request for maintenence.

...ARG. I really, really love this apartment but the management is horrendous! If you're from my area, don't rent from them. Save yourself the headache.

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